Ways to Announce The Launch of Your E-Commerce Store

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Before you announce your launch, you want to have some behind-the-scenes tracking and conversion tools set up so you can capture and convert the traffic you get during your announcement. Why? Because even if potential customers don’t buy today (and they may not), having these tools in place means you can advertise to them later. Not only that, but you can track visits and gather data on where your traffic is coming from, what pages people visit, and how much time they spend on the website — all things that are helpful in planning future marketing campaigns.


  • Set up your Facebook tracking pixel

Your Facebook tracking pixel allows you to track visits to the website for later retargeting using Facebook ads. Facebook ads data goes back 6 months, so it’s good to install this code now so you can gather data going as far back as possible.

  • Set up your email list AND a pop-up on your website to capture email addresses

Ideally you started collecting email addresses before you even launched (you did that, right?). But either way you want to make sure your email list is set up and you’re capturing visitor email addresses. Installing an email pop-up app helps increase conversion rates here. I highly recommend the Shopify plugin JustUno for this task (read more about my recommendations for the best email pop-up app for Shopify).

  • Sign up for Google Analytics and install your tracking code

With Google Analytics, you can track data about visits to the website — you want to know where traffic is coming from and what people are doing on the site.

  • Sign up for Google AdWords and install your tracking code

Even if you don’t plan on using AdWords right away, getting the code installed properly is a good way to track data in case you want to use retargeting ads in the next couple of months (which is how long AdWords holds on to visitor data for retargeting purposes).

  • Facebook Marketing

Facebook is another great driver of word of mouth traffic. Share news of your site launch on your personal Facebook page with a single ask: visit the site and sign up to the email list! You might be tempted to ask people to like your Facebook page Or you can use, to boost your page likes. For your social strategy, ask your friends and family to share your site launch or tag people who might be interested in your products.

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